´Dharma Karya Sarva Lok Hitam’

All of this belongs to God and everyone has a right to his fair share

Established under the Bombay Public Trust Act in 1995, IRFT - International Resources for Fairer Trade, for the last 21 years, has been working relentlessly towards the cause of 'fairness to all' along the supply chain

On the basic platform of 'fairness in trade', IRFT operates from three verticals.

Community Business Support serves to enhance skills, handholds small marginalized communities towards their own sustainable development.

Ethical Business Services engages with the global brands and corporates retail giants to help them comply with Decent Work standards, and to ensure Respect to the workforce in fields, farm and factories.

Fair Trade Support: The vision and mission of IRFT sees relevance in the global expectation of 'fairness to all' with the heart-warming wave of consumer awareness, that demands all goods produced are 'clean, and in no way exploitative. The discerning consumer demands transparency, traceability and respect to man & environment above all. Thus, protecting the rights of the producer to be given his fair share.

This DICE represents the 'right to fairness'

'Every human aspires for the best in life, and this can be achieved if his 'right to fairness', is RESPECTED.

The number Six on the roll of the dice is precious in any board game, and in the game of life the number Six symbolizes 'fairness to all along the supply chain'.

This dice reminds us to respect and uphold:
Transparency & Accountability to all Stakeholders, Opportunity for the Disadvantaged Producers, Fair Trading Practices, Payment of a Fair Price, Ensuring No Child Labour, Non-discrimination, Gender Equity, Freedom of Association, Safe Working Conditions & Healthy Workforce, Capacity Building, Fair Trade Promotion & Environment Protection


The introduction of the Corporate Social Responsibility mandate has seen companies move away from adhoc donations and events towards a long-term engagement with CSR that ties in with their philosophy, values and business of their organization.

IRFT engages with Corporates, Non-Profit Organizations and Global networks to ensure Corporate Social Responsibility is respected, adhered to, and upheld to include all stakeholders of each respective organization.

IRFT's defined areas of intervention
Conceptualizing the CSR Strategy
Defining the Vision, Mission, Philosophy and Objectives
Funding Strategy of CSR Foundations
Conducting a stakeholder Needs Assessment to recommend initiatives that will leverage expertise and meet the stakeholder expectations. Versatile Integration of Social & Ethical Compliance Codes of Conduct Training and documentary films to impact better understanding of complex concepts in Social Compliance for the Stakeholders in the Supply Chain
Employee Engagement Strategy

Experts in ILO 'Decent Work'
Good Agricultural Practices Standards (GAP) / Sustainable Agriculture Practices in Cotton, Grapes and other agri Sectors.
Master Trainers in 'No Child Labour and Health, Safety & Environment in field operations and for Implementing Partners in all sectors
Community Development Programmes and Project Implementation
Master Trainers for Better Cotton Initiative, for both Implementers and Verifiers

Corporate Social Responsibility and You

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